Running call campaigns is a highly effective way of getting students attention. However, these call campaigns are hard to manage, especially when you have student callers involved. Often schools resort to paper processes, which result in duplicate calls and inaccurate reporting. Talk allows everyone to make calls from their web browser, without the need for extensive training or access to full student records. Dynamic scripts help guide the conversation and call outcomes can be logged with a few taps. Audio can be recorded for QA or training purposes, and text messages can be sent prior to the campaign, which increases answer rates.

Hassle-free call campaigns

Call campaigns are a great way to connect with prospective students, but can be a logistical nightmare to set-up. With Gecko Talk, simply import contacts from your CRM, excel sheet or directly from your capture form, set-up your workflows and you’re good to go. All your callers need to do is log-in!

Keep conversations on track

Whether your callers are students, admissions team members or academic staff, keep conversations on track and asking the right questions is crucial! Use our drag and drop script builder to create dynamic scripts that not only keep conversations on track, but evolve with the conversation. Ensuring each call is completed and moved to the next stage in your campaign.

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How great would it be to easily identify every step a student has taken on their school or college decision making journey? Using Gecko Talk, you can now display every call a student has received, event they have attended and enquiry they have sent in one screen!


We’re passionate about building software that is simple to understand, and easy to use. Every feature available within Talk has been built with research and advice from our clients that run regular call campaigns.

Call campaigns

Group students and assign callers with preset workflows.

Target contacts

Integrate form and event responses and assign to callers.

Assign agents

Assign the right agent to the appropriate student group.


Group students based on contact records.

Automated follow ups

Automatically send personalised follow-up based on call outcome.

Call timeouts

Set barriers to prevent your team repeatedly calling students.

Custom outcomes

Prompt agents to select a dedicated outcome after each call.


Make calls through your browser with Voice over IP.

Easy set-up

Eliminate complex call centre set-up.

Local numbers

Because familiarity always wins.

Affordable rates

Keep call costs down with internet reliant calls.

Call recording

Document the information that has been collected.


Build dynamic and personal scripts for your campaigns.

Dynamic scripts

Steer conversations with prompts based on student responses.

Personalised content

Modify conversation with a series of pre-set prompts.

CRM sync

Integrate call records with your CRM.

Automation workflows

Automatically assign a students next step.


Sync scripts, calls and notes to a third party system.

Import contacts

Sync contacts from forms, events, CRM and excel.

Sync scripts

Capture data on calls into your script and sync it to your CRM.

Sync calls

Sync all calls and their outcomes into your CRM.


Track the metrics that matter and make more informed decisions.

Real time view

Track call campaigns in real time.

Call dashboard

Create dynamic dashboards fit for your institution.

Detailed exports

Download your data and report on it your own way.