Text & Email Campaigns

Text & Email Campaigns

One simple tool, thousands of successful interactions

Building student communications campaigns used to take a lot of time, coordination and effort. But with Gecko, you can create and send text messages and emails that build meaningful connections with thousands of students easily and quickly and effectively.

Easily reach 1000s of students

Deliver effective, personalized communications

Track effectiveness for constant improvement

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Send thousands of personalized messages

Gecko makes it easy to send thousands of emails or texts to students at once, saving you time and hassle. And with a range of ways to personalize your message, you can make sure it lands to the right people in the right way.

Drag and drop email builder

Gecko’s drag and drop email builder makes crafting effective emails easy to do. Plus, you can create templates for your most frequent versions to save more time and effort.

Integrates with your existing CRM

All our technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing technology, including your CRM.

Smart analytics help you build effectiveness

With Gecko, you can easily track the success of your text and email campaigns. Being able to quickly view the messages that are resonating with students means you can drive constant improvement and encourage more students to act.

Combine with other Gecko technology for even greater benefits

All Gecko technology is designed to work harmoniously together. You can combine our Cloud Call Center tool with Live Chat tool to send mass texts and emails with little effort, then tailor 1-2-1 chats with those who respond. Or choose to combine with our automated forms so you can track how successful you are in encouraging students to take action. Knowing which students have already taken action means you can dynamically alter your text and email campaigns for next time.

Key features:

  1. Easily reach 1000s of students
  2. Personalize messages for impact
  3. Simple drag and drop email builder
  4. Integrates with your existing tech
  5. Smart analytics
  6. Quick and easy to use templates
  7. Combine with one single inbox
  8. Combine with automated forms

We'll help you configure your bespoke solution from seven flexible technologies:


Your bot will instantly answer common questions from students 24/7, and actually become smarter as it works
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Cloud Call Center

Make every call the right call
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The perfect way to connect with prospective students
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Live Chat

Answer every inquiry from every channel from one inbox
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On-Campus Events

Create campus events that have students' attention in minutes
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Online Events

Feel like you're there even when you're not
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Text & Email Campaigns

One simple tool, thousands of successful interactions
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