Live Chat

Live Chat

Engage with students instantly. Even when you can't.

As technology has made communications faster, attention spans have become shorter. Gecko Live Chat means you can respond to student inquiries instantly and accurately. It also collates messages from multiple channels and delivers them all to one easy-to-manage inbox. You’ll never miss an opportunity to engage with students, while demonstrating your school’s smart, modern and innovative approach to technology.

Give students the experience they expect

Build your brand and set yourself apart

Manage it all from one inbox

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Level up your student experience

As technology has improved so have student expectations. Day-to-day, we all enjoy instant communication when we’re speaking to institutions or even shopping online. Give your students and prospective students that same great experience.

Build your brand

We’ll help you create Live Chat that fits with your institution’s visual identity, and we can even help you use your mascot to build a personality that enhances your messaging.

Manage every conversation from one inbox

Save time and better manage your conversations with one consolidated inbox. Whether students reach out to you on Facebook Messenger, via text message, or over live chat, you can manage your conversations from one place, so no student ever falls through the cracks.

Smarter ways to manage your comms

Our smart workflow tools let you know when an inquiry has been handled and who has handled it. You can also easily re-route messages to the right person so your student gets the best quality interaction every time they get in touch. You can even stay in the loop on your team's conversations while you’re on the go with our smartphone app.

Gecko connects with your existing technology

All our technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing technology, including your CRM. For Live Chat, that means you can tie your conversations to the overarching goals of your institution. You can also track how one-to-one conversations influence things like applications and enrolments. Plus, you can use information from your CRM to build a profile of the student you’re chatting with, which leads to more meaningful conversations and encourages the best possible outcomes.

Key features:

  1. Enhanced student experience
  2. Build your brand
  3. Multi-channel
  4. One single inbox
  5. Connects to existing tools
  6. Work on the go with our mobile app
  7. Track influence of conversations
  8. Use data to build student profiles
King's college London
Kayce O'Brien Arapahoe Community College
Chat switches the customer service experience for our students. It makes it more relevant and friendly and feels very 21st century.
Kayce O'Brien
Director of Admissions, Arapahoe Community College

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