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Cloud Call Center

Cloud Call Center

Make every call the right call

Planning, managing and conducting successful call campaigns used to be tough. Excel spreadsheets, manual data handling and consistently striking the right tone with call agents all took considerable time and effort. But not with Gecko Cloud Call Center. Our custom-built call app is fast and easy to use with minimal training, we help you track, record and build reports for every call, and it can quickly scale up or down to suit your needs.

Fast and efficient call app

Achieve consistency across all your calls

Never miss a follow-up

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Purpose-built call app

Making calls with our custom-built call app is quick and easy. No more splitting call lists into a dozen excel files, scrolling through data to find who you need to call next, dialling by hand, or having to manually record who picked up and who didn’t. Simply click and speak.

Customizable scripts for call agents

You can walk agents through call scripts to ensure they are showing your institution in exactly the correct light. Scripts not only keep call agents on track, but also allow them to capture data from the call in real-time. No more time spent typing up notes after the call.

Automatic follow-up comms

Gecko helps make sure no students ever fall through the cracks with the option to trigger follow-up communications at the touch of a button. Great for those ‘we missed you and we’ll try again tomorrow’ texts, or automatically sending an email requesting an update if you have a wrong number.

Easy and scalable

Cloud Call Center technology is super simple. Student workers or staff will be up and running in no time with minimal training. Plus, with Gecko, all your agents need to make successful calls is a laptop and a headset, which means they can call students from anywhere. It makes scaling up a successful call team painless.

Gecko connects with your existing technology

All our technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing technology, including your CRM. For Cloud Call Center, that means you can tie your conversations to the overarching goals of your institution. You can save all call activity such as recordings and call outcomes as well as capturing any specific data from the call and using it to enrich the student’s record in your CRM.

Key features:

  1. Measure success of every call
  2. Scale up simply and easily
  3. Super simple to use
  4. Efficient automated calling process
  5. Customizable scripts
  6. Trigger automatic follow-up
  7. Seamless integration with your CRM
  8. Enrich your student profiles

We'll help you configure your bespoke solution from seven flexible technologies:

ChatGPT-Powered Chatbot

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Cloud Call Center

Make every call the right call
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Live Chat

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On-Campus Events

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Text & Email Campaigns

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