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Gecko Talks webinar: Driving record application numbers with Gecko

Gecko Talks webinar: Driving record application numbers with Gecko

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How the Gecko chatbot is helping UCI scale their admissions process…

UCI is one of the most popular four-year schools in North America. It’s so popular, in fact, that it recently received the most applications in its campus history for the second year in a row – with a massive 142,000 applications being submitted for fall 2022.

More applicants is great news. But as anyone in higher education will know, it also means more pressure on admissions teams. So how do UCI manage that huge workload? How do they build more bandwidth so that teams can work smarter, not harder? And how do they balance efficiency with delivering personality throughout the application process?

One key part of their strategy is their Gecko chatbot, Peter the Anteater. Not only has the chatbot helped UCI successfully scale, it’s also helped their campus personality shine!

In our latest GeckoTalks webinar, Todd Tribble is joined by Bryan Jue, Senior Director, Outreach & Communication at UCI, to share their story.

They dive into…

  • How their chatbot helped them save hundreds of hours each month
  • Why a human approach to chatbots helps UCI drive engaging student experiences
  • Why UCI use Gecko in partnership with their CRM (Slate) to power engagement
  • How their integration helps them leverage more meaningful data

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Bryan Jue
We really had to look to technology because we had so much manual process and we couldn’t sustain that
Bryan Jue
Senior Director, Outreach & Communication at UCI