GeckoTalks Webinar - Bucking the Trend: Increasing Enrollment Through Efficiency

GeckoTalks Webinar - Bucking the Trend: Increasing Enrollment Through Efficiency

Register to watch our webinar. Listen to the most effective approaches that Kayce O'Brien at Arapahoe Community College implemented to achieve a 3% increase in enrollment during the 2020 recruitment season.

Are you currently hitting your enrollment targets?

Our latest GeckoTalks webinar spotlights Arapahoe Community College’s incredible success story. Despite enrollment declines, they’ve bucked the trend to increase enrollment at their school by a cool 3%, and they’ve done it in part by using Gecko technology to drive student engagement.

Kayce O’Brien, ACC’s Director of Admissions, joins Todd Tribble, Gecko’s SVP for North America, to discuss how automating their enrollment funnel, offsetting their lack of resources with technology, and creating a best-in-class customer service changed everything.

If they’ve done it, you bet that you can do it too!

Key takeaways include:

  • How specialized technology can lighten the load for an admissions team
  • Understanding the value of connecting your tools and processes in the funnel
  • How you can quantify the impact on enrollment metrics
  • Why making sure your tech can be maintained and scaled is so important.

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Kayce O'Brien Arapahoe Community College
Gecko technology is an essential part of our team. 24/7 customer support doesn't have to be sacrificed when there is a staffing shortage.
Kayce O'Brien
Director of Admissions, Arapahoe Community College