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Our online demo takes around 30 minutes, to complete and only requires you to have internet access and be near a telephone. We’ll call you and discuss how you currently work, demonstrate the key functionality of our products, and then discuss how they align with the needs of your University or College.

Understanding Your Processes

We'll first take the time to understand how you currently work, and identify areas in which our products can streamline your process, and ultimately increase your success.

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We'll leave time at the end to talk through questions you have, and show you any features that may be relevant, we'll then discuss the suitability of our products, and next steps.

GeckoForm is almost too good to be true. In our first year of using the product, we've been able to revolutionise our data capture at international recruitment events, improving the quality of the information we record (no more illegible handwritten entries) and the speed with which we respond to enquirers. The system and app are intuitive and easy to use and we’ve been able to easily embed GeckoForm into our existing workflows. Whenever we’ve needed help, the Gecko Labs team have responded quickly and efficiently, quickly resolving the problem.

Nathan Crouch
International Marketing Officer
University of Kent