On-campus events are key in allowing students to experience everything your campus has to offer and influence their decision-making process. Outdated registration processes, poor communication, and manual data entry only serve to reduce your events effectiveness. Visit solves this by allowing students to book campus events and tours online, and plan their agenda for the day. Each student receives a ticket, which can be scanned on the day (even when you’re offline) to track attendance and automate follow-ups.

Stress isn’t in our vocabulary

Whether you are hosting events for 10 or 10,000 students, Visit makes it easy for you to display the what, where, when and why of your event with our handy events builder. Whether it is 100 individual events or one big event with hundreds of sessions, we’ve got you covered.

What queue?

You wouldn’t dream of making a student queue to access your website, so why allow queues at your on-campus events? Visit helps you say goodbye to on-the-day queues and hello to great first impressions with scannable QR codes.

Self service cancelation and adjustments

Empower students to own their on-campus event experience with branded RSVP pages. RSVP pages provide students with the freedom to change how many guests they are bringing, pick sessions, cancel and print their ticket - all in one place!


Running on-campus events can be a lot of work. Your ‘To Do’ list keeps growing and it becomes difficult to see the wood for the trees.  To help take the stress out of your set-up, we have carefully selected hassle-free features to help maximize your events with minimum effort.

Event management

Setting up and managing events should be simple and effortless.

Sessions & times

Allow students to register for event sessions ahead.

Event categories

Group your events together and allow students to select an event from a group.

Attendee capacity

Set your maximum capacity and we’ll take care of the rest.

Registration types

Allow different tiers of registration for attendees.

Clone & time travel

Save work and time by adapting existing events.

Import events and attendees

Record events and registrations from other systems.

Bookings management

Don't get tied up in lengthy booking edits, empower students to update their booking when they please.

Event registration forms

Create user friendly branded registration forms.

Attendee waitlisting

Manage delegates and never overbook!


Plan for the masses, and account for the right number of spaces.

Events & RSVP pages

Provide students with a snapshot of the event.

Ticketing via email & SMS

Automate event ticketing via email and SMS.

Changes and cancellations

Allow students to change and amend their own bookings.

Personalised event programmes

Empower students to create their own event programme.

Attendee management

Track who is coming to what session and event.

Native offline apps

Remove the need to rely on unstable wifi connection.

Scan or search

Quickly scan and search registrations on the door.

Register latecomers

Process latecomers quicker than ever.

Self check-ins

Give students the tools to DIY.


Easily integrate event details, registration and attendance with other systems.


Import new events from your CRM automatically.

Sync attendees

We'll keep the attendees in Gecko and your CRM in sync automatically.

Auto-update statuses

Mark someone as attended in both Gecko and your CRM instantly and automatiaclly.


We've added some extra features to ensure that you run on-campus events like a boss.

Easy set-up

Create your event, reminders and follow-up in one convenient place.


Track what did and didn’t work before, during and after.

Real-time stats

Track attendance against registration numbers throughout the day.

Export attendees

Move your attendance list from one system to another seamlessly.