With data protection hitting the headlines almost weekly, individuals have never been more aware of how their details are being processed by large scale organisations. Being transparent about how data is processed to ensure the safety and privacy of data subjects has never been more important. Protect enhances your existing processes providing you with custom opt-ins, multi-factor user authentication, institutional logins and security alerts. Data subjects also have access to view and manage personal information via a self-service portal.

Manage opt-ins with ease and style

With a dedicated system field for tracking consents, you can capture and display the reasons for your processing with ease and style across web and mobile.

Give data subjects control over their information

Keep your contact data accurate while giving data subjects access to their personal information and the ability to export or delete data without jumping through hoops.

Simplify and automate your compliance processes

Track changes to your privacy notices, automate retention rules, log any contact or user activity and strengthen your system wide security practices.


Keeping students personal data safe is one of the most important tasks that your institution takes on. To help you go the extra mile to safeguard your students information, we’ve handcrafted the very best features.

Advanced opt-ins

Track consent easily and in style with our dedicated functionality.

Integrated consents

Set up your consent reasons in Gecko and integrate them into your CRM.

Consent field

Clearly showcase why you’re obtaining students details.

Privacy notices

Put your privacy policy centre stage.

Contact portal

Give data subjects access to their own information with our self service portal.

Secure authentication

A secure and simple password-free process for contacts to log into the portal.

Access to information

Give data subjects access to their own information you hold in your system.

Export data

Let contacts transfer data out of your system via an export.

Edit information

Keep contact details accurate and let your contacts update their information with ease.

Manage consents

Allow data subjects to manage all of their consents in one centralised place.

Request data purge

Empower students to delete their data, while tracking and logging all requests.

Portal activity log

Track every action and change made by contacts via their portal page.

Advanced security

Automate compliance tasks and strengthen your security measures.

Automated data archiving

A simple and automated way of managing your data retention process.

Federation authentication

Integrate user access using Shibboleth, SAML 2 or LDAP standards.

Two factor authentication

Add an extra layer of security to every sign-in.

Suspicious activity alerts

Notify users of suspicious activity straight away.

Archive log

Record every time data is deleted by a user, contact or the system.

System activity log

Track every action of users in the system through our activity log.