Improve the efficiency of your student recruitment and engagement, with our enquiry management solution.


What is GeckoForm?

GeckoForm is an Enquiry Management Solution, that provides you with the tools required to: quickly capture accurate, clean student data at events both in the UK & Internationally; engage students through email and SMS marketing messaging; and finally understand the recruitment funnel that leads to conversion.

We’ve built GeckoForm around the needs of the Education sector by taking the time to listen and understand our clients, ensuring that it’s solving a real problem, and ultimately saving time, increasing prospects, and increasing success.

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GeckoForm has provided us with an uncomplicated to implement, easy to use, simple to measure, solution to the gap we’ve had between data capture needs and our CRM system. It has increased our engagement with prospects, and the likelihood of them progressing from enquirer to prospective student.

Michelle MacFadyen
Regional Manager, Robert Gordon University


GeckoForm is very versatile and although many of our clients initially procure GeckoForm to aid their student recruitment, it’s not long before they find additional use cases to take advantage of it’s malleable nature.

Recruit Additional Students

Using GeckoForm at your recruitment events will improve the quality and quantity of data captured in comparison to existing methods such as paper, or excel.

Increase Engagement

Automated emails can be sent each time a new enquiry has been captured, ensuring that students get acknowledgment that their enquiry is going to be dealt with.

Capture Data Offline

When attending recruitment events, a stable internet connection is never guaranteed, that's why with GeckoForm, you can capture student data offline.

Cloud Based

Your enquiries are stored in our cloud based system, meaning that when you are recruiting on one side of the world, your team back in the UK can engage instantly.


Every feature available within GeckoForm has been built with research and advice from our clients, we’re passionate about building software that is simple to understand, and easy to use.


Enquiry Inbox In The Cloud

Whether it's online on the web, or offline on mobile - every enquiry is stored in our cloud based system, giving you a single place to see all of your student enquiries.

With this information you can understand how students progress through different stages of their engagement with you, from their very first enquiry through to enrolment.

Workflows - Automated Emails & SMS

With competition for students increasing every year, creating a lasting impression is vital, so with GeckoForm, you can easily setup workflows, that trigger automated email and sms messages, assign labels & assign users based on specific criteria.

You can use this to send an automatic email or sms to acknowledge a students enquiry, assign specific types of enquiries to staff members or increase the importance of an enquiry by assigning a label.

Build Forms Without IT

With GeckoForm, building forms couldn't be easier, you'll no longer need to hassle IT to build a form for data capture. Our online form designer will guide you through everything you need to build a form that meets your exact needs.

Every form you build can be used across multiple platforms and devices, whether it's on web, mobile, and using our apps for Apple, Android or Windows, you can even capture data offline.

Offline Data Capture

We know that internet connections aren't always reliable, especially when you're travelling abroad. That's why every form you build on GeckoForm works without the need for an internet connection on Apple, Android & Windows devices.

Our mobile app's also allow you to capture additional notes, review captured enquiries, and automatically detect your location.

Reporting & Analytics

Every engagement with a student is monitored and can be reported on when you need it, simply generate a report to give you insights into popular courses, locations, and average number of enquiries.

Reports can be generated to show all forms, or a specific form, and soon you'll also be able to generate event specific reports.

Social Marketing Insights

When you capture student data, we'll also attempt to find publicly available information on which social networks they are most active on, through simple web searches.

This can help you make informed marketing decisions based on where students spend most of their time, and also identify new regional marketing opportunities.

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