Change the way you communicate with students in superhuman speed through email, SMS, social media and instant messaging channels.


What is GeckoChat?

We believe that students should be able to choose how and when they talk to you rather than being forced down your preferred route. GeckoChat is a supercharged all-in-one live chat system that allows you to engage with prospective students across channels in one easy to use interface.

With over 3.5 billion users, instant messaging apps are difficult to ignore. Through our single user interface, you can now chat with prospective students no matter which channel they choose to communicate with you.

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GeckoChat is a super simple chat system that helps recruitment teams connect prospective students with the information that they need in one superslick system.

Improve & enhance conversion

Engage with prospective students on the channels that they are familiar with in one super smart system.

Real time engagement

Respond and refer student enquiries instantly to the relevant member of staff in superfast time.

Supervise & track online chats

Identify, monitor and integrate prospective student enquiries across multiple platforms.

Superhuman response time

Instantly access Geckochat on multiple devices from anywhere in the world.


Working closely with our education clients, we have developed GeckoChat to transform the way the education sector interacts with prospective students online. This is how we do it:


Combines multiple channels in one unified inbox

Combining email, SMS, instant messaging and social media channels, Geckochat enables recruitment teams to manage and consolidate all channels in one superslick inbox with multiple users.

Geckochat can provide multiple users with access to multiple systems in one place, ensuring that no student escapes the recruitment funnel.

Integrate your online conversations with major CRM systems

Capture prospective student conversations across channels and automatically sync student information with Connect, Radius, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Automatically integrating live chats will save your team hours of time manually logging individual conversations and will help you measure which channels you should be focussing on.

Setup live chats and social channels in superhuman speed

Save your team time by managing all of your instant messaging channels in one superslick system. Login to Geckochat in under 30 seconds and communicate instantly across platforms.

Implementing Geckochat removes the need for your team to monitor multiple accounts in multiple destinations.

Communicate with prospective students across multiple devices

Geckochat can be accessed online or via our mobile app which enables recruitment teams to engage with students around the clock wherever they are in the world.

Setting up multiple users across the globe ensures that no student is left unanswered.

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