The rise of instant messaging has given students more ways to communicate with your institution. This presents a management overhead, requiring staff to log into multiple systems and deal with an increased volume of messages. Interactions become isolated and your CRM is oblivious to any dialog between your staff and students. With a single login Chat consolidates all channels into a shared inbox that any team member can access. Conversations can be automatically assigned to individuals or teams, and our mobile app allows them to manage interactions from anywhere without sharing personal cell numbers.

Unify all your communication channels in a single inbox

With a single login Chat consolidates all channels into a shared inbox that any team member can access. Whether a student contacts you via email, SMS, facebook, twitter or from your live chat widget on your website; the conversation will be handled in the same place and automatically assigned to the right team or person.

Make your website stand out with live chat

With Chat, you can easily set up live chat widgets and embed them across your website.

Keep track of all your conversations

All conversations will sync across to your CRM allowing you to keep track of all the touchpoints with your contacts across the whole student journey.

Stay in touch while on the go

Respond to questions while you're on the go with our mobile apps for iOS and Android.


Say goodbye to your morning logging in routine with Gecko Chat! By switching to Chat you can now access all of your instant messaging channels in one unified inbox that can be accessed online or via mobile app. What makes our online chat ability stand out for the crowd?


Access multiple digital channels in one unified inbox and eliminate the need for lengthy set-up everyday.


Route your shared inboxes through Chat and manage enquiries them like a boss.


Use the most accessible medium on the planet to communicate with students in new ways.


Keep track of all your Twitter enquiries in one unified inbox.


Integrate your facebook messenger and track conversations.


Reach over 1 billion users with our WeChat channel

Live Chat

Customisable widgets

Adapt the widget on your website to fit with your own look and feel.

Control availability

Ensure no conversation is missed with opening hours.

Pre-chat form

Get the formalities out of the way before your chat begins.

Automation workflows

Advanced conditions

Be specific about when you want your workflows to trigger.

Auto Assign

Set triggers to instantly assign conversations to the right person.

Note or Label

Add extra information and labels to the conversations that matter.

Auto Respond

Send the right response to FAQ’s, quickly.


Tag conversations

Label conversations based on live response.

Assign messages

Assign the right conversation to the right individual.

Save replies

Keep and integrate the information that you need.

Mail merge

Use template tags to insert content easily into emails and SMS.

Mass messages

Continue the conversation at the right time.


Easy setup

Configure your integration to your CRM in under five minutes.

Map fields

Link fields from Chat to your CRM and import all the list options with a click.

Sync contacts

Update or create new contacts in your CRM on the back of your conversations.

Sync conversations

Automatically push a log and a transcript of all the conversations into your CRM.

Mobile App

Respond on the go

Download the app and respond to enquiries anywhere.

Label & assign

Use dynamic tagging to segment online conversations.

Control availability

Show your students your availability status.



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