Attending high school and college fairs is a vital part of any enrolment strategy. They provide a great opportunity to meet and inspire future students and increase brand awareness. But, we all know how much administrative work follows! Working with our clients, we found that institutions were losing up to 30% of inquiries due to delayed follow-up, illegible handwriting and poor internet connection. So we created Capture, a powerful system that works online, which allows you to banish paper cards and integrates directly with your CRM, eliminating manual data entry.

Banish paper, banish work

Like Adam and Eve, the words ‘paper’ and ‘work’ seemed to go together effortlessly, until something more tempting arrived! Replace paper inquiry cards and forms with Capture and banish the associated paperwork that goes alongside it - saving you up to five hours a day!

Grab more for less

Imagine you could capture all of your institutions inquiries in one place, send the inquirers information straight to your CRM and automate a personalized follow-up message? With Gecko Capture, the inquiry process has never been so easy! All you need to do is set-up the form and add workflows before you leave the office and your work is done!

Big impact, no hassle

Trying to connect to a reliable wi-fi connection when you are on the road can be one of the most frustrating experiences. That’s why we’ve designed all of our data capture software to work without the need for a reliable wi-fi connection. Simply download the app and form before you leave the office and you’re covered for the rest of your trip!

Pinpoint your source

Executing integrated campaigns is great, until it comes to reporting on them. Keep an eye on how your campaigns are performing, pinpoint what channels, forms and emails are working for you with Gecko’s intuitive reporting functionality.

Smooth operator

With Gecko, the only thing in between you and seamless integration is the initial set-up. Yes, it really is that easy; set-up your CRM, SIS, API integration once and eliminate the need for manual exports and imports.


The older we get, the wiser our systems become, which means the easier it becomes for us to equip you with the right tools to capture students information intelligently. We’ve crafted hundreds of innovative features based on user feedback, specifically for the education sector.

Form Builder

Create user friendly forms with minimal effort

Drag & drop

Use our simple user interface to build forms in seconds.

Contact fields

Set up re-usable fields that can be added to forms time and time again.

20+ field types

There’s a field for every type of data you’ll need to capture.

File uploads

Collect portfolio images, documentation pdfs, video testimonials or any other type of file.

Advanced field preferences

Each field type allows for it’s own custom configuration dependant on the type.

Conditional field

Hide and show fields dynamically within the form depending on the user action.

Parent-child fields

Create relationships between dropdowns to easily show specific options only when relevant.

Hidden fields

Collect additional data with each form without displaying the fields to the end user.

Pre-populated fields

Pre-fill form fields with set or dynamic values to capture additional data or speed up data entry.

Multi-page forms

Split up longer forms across multiple pages to keep them simple.

Granular user control

Choose which users can see, edit or delete your forms as well as data collected through them.

Submission limits

Set a maximum amount of responses allowed or a closing time for the form.

Custom success actions

Customise the message shown on form submission or page to redirect to.

Custom form branding

Customise the logo, colour and background image for any form.

Analytics integration

Track your web forms in Google Analytics and integrate with Google Tag Manager.

Clone forms

Duplicate forms and their workflows to simplify and speed up your set-up.

Online Forms

Share your forms online and centralise your enquiry process into a single flow

Self hosted forms

Forms are automatically hosted on a unique URL that can be shared with your audience instantly.

Website embeds

Embed your forms into any web page to capture details directly from your website.

Social embeds

Place your forms on facebook, tumblr or other social media sites with ease.

QR code sharing

Easily generate a QR code that points to your form and tags the response with a specific event.

Mobile responsive

Give your users the best experience possible with our mobile first web forms.


Our forms are WCAG compliant, ensuring they are as accessible as possible to all users.

Custom CSS

Customise the look of your embedded forms with unlimited control.

Offline Apps

Take your forms on the go with our dedicated data capture apps

No internet required

The Capture app works without wifi, allowing users to collect information anywhere they go.

Mobile apps

Download the app on any smartphone or tablet running iOS, Android or Kindle Fire OS.

Desktop apps

Install the app on Mac OS or Windows machines and your laptop at events.

Native experience

The apps use native operating system interface elements to ensure a comfortable and pleasant user experience.

Security and reliability

Password protection, secure local storage, recovery options and encrypted transfers.

Event tracking

Track where each contact interaction happens by selecting the school or event attended.

Labels & notes

Add tags or additional notes to all data you collected data.

Automatic updates

Get the latest features and releases with no effort through the automatic app updates.

Automation Workflows

Configure automation workflows on forms to simplify, personalise and streamline your processes.

Granular conditions

Select specific conditions when to trigger your workflows, such as form selection, location or event.

Scheduling options

Run your workflows immediately, after a delay or at a specific date and time.

Send email

Email your contacts or users and reference the information provided within the form.

Send SMS

Send text messages to the student and improve your chances of getting your message across.

Label contacts

Tag contacts automatically based on the data collected within the form.

Assign to user

Delegate responses to specific users on the team to take action faster and easier.

Update values

Update contact data on the fly to add additional metadata or streamline your contact cleanup.

Add to campaign

Add contacts to call, sms or email campaigns within Gecko Engage app suite.

Add to event

Register students to events and use the Event suite of tools to engage with them at your events.

Add to organisation

Link your students with schools, colleges or other universities.


Connect your Gecko instance to third party CRMs with our out-of-the-box integrations

CRM integrations

Microsoft Dynamics, CM Radius, CM Connect, Salesforce and others.

Easy set-up

Configure your integration in minutes and start syncing data across with minimal effort.

Field mapping

Select the desired fields and modules your CRM and map them to equivalent fields within Gecko.

Import options

Import picklists, field options and lookup fields directly into Gecko with a click.

Secure transfer

Data is transmitted to third party CRMs using latest TLS/SSL protocols supported.

Conditional syncing

Choose which forms to sync to the CRMs and which to keep local.

Sync failures

Track failed data syncs and re-attempts with a single click.


There’s much more to see that hasn’t been covered above

Form reporting

Choose from hundreds of widgets and visualise the impact of your captured data.


Import data via selected form and trigger workflows based on input.


Select the forms and responses you want to export and download as a CSV file.

User permissions

Limit the forms and data different users can see and edit.