Gecko 💚 HigherEd CRMs

Integrate Gecko with your HigherEd (or Enterprise) CRM and level-up your team's capabilities, without ditching your existing tech.

Gecko 💚 HigherEd CRMs

Why Gecko + CRM makes sense:

If you've never felt disappointed that your CRM implementation didn't match expectations, do you even work in HigherEd?! We jest of course, but there are strong reasons why you'd want to augment your CRM's offering with Gecko.

Plug your gaps

Expecting a CRM to do everything, to the level required, is a big ask. Gecko boosts your capabilities when they're not quite where you need them to be.

Go *super* deep

Gecko doesn't try to do everything a CRM does. Where CRMs provide a breadth of functionality, our modules go deep in a few core areas, giving your team superpowers for the tasks that matter.

Keep your existing tech

Every Gecko partner school has an existing CRM, SIS tech, and a million other tools. From day one, we've focused on augmenting what you already have. Keep what's working fine, then we'll help where you need it most.
Gecko’s integration with Slate is a really great way to increase consistency in our communication, across our website, email, on the phone, in-person, and chatbot conversations. Everything — including Gecko chatbot conversations — are logged in one place, and part of Slate’s timeline.
Bryan Jue
Senior Director of Outreach & Communication at UC Irvine

Request more information about our integrations:

Make your CRM better

CRMs work best as a single source of truth. But this is prevented by student data remaining siloed in other systems. With an integration to Gecko, your CRM has full visibility of every student touchpoint. So if a student no-shows at an event or has an inactive cell phone number, your CRM will be the first to know.

Concierge onboarding

After 100+ integrations with HigherEd CRMs, we're well-versed in the nuances (and pitfalls) of each system. Our dedicated implementation team can get you operational in days (unlike other HigherEd vendors) — and we'll always remain on standby, just a phone call (or live chat) away.

Zero requirement from IT

An integration from Gecko to your CRM can be configured from within our system. This means you don't have to wait for your projects to sloooowly bubble up to the top of your IT team's priority list.

So which CRMs do we integrate with?


Enhance the USA's most popular HigherEd CRM with an integration to Gecko. (Ask CalU or UC Irvine how much they love seeing our engagement data on their student timelines in Slate! 😍)

Salesforce & TargetX

Because it was designed to leverage a large plugin ecosystem, Salesforce often requires external tools to unlock its true potential (especially in Higher Ed). And that's where we can help.


Ellucian Banner is the stalwart of many college campuses, but it wasn't designed to be a CRM. Gecko's modules help Banner schools engage students, without the need to purchase a full HigherEd CRM.

Radius + Connect

Perhaps they're no longer the most popular kids on the block, but Radius (and Connect) schools who integrate with Gecko level-up their capabilities without having to start a new CRM procurement process.

Any other CRM or SIS

If your tools aren't listed here, don't sweat it. Gecko's modules can integrate with hundreds of other tools via webhooks (not as scary as they sound) and auto-recurring FTP data transfers.

Integrations questions you *should* be asking:

It’s almost always easier to chat through your integrations questions on a call, especially given every school has different requirements.

But if you don’t want to hop on Zoom just yet (perhaps you’re reading this on a beach while sipping a piña colada), here’s what our future partners want to know:

My CRM “does X”. Why do I need Gecko too?

That’s a super-common question.

CRMs provide a whole bunch of Xs. Yet we’ve had over 100 institutions augment their CRM with Gecko. Why?

“Depth” is part of the answer. Gecko doesn’t try to do everything, like a CRM does. So we can go deeper into solving specific areas, whereas a CRM has to focus on breadth.

Take events, for example. Try asking your CRM vendor about their ticketing functionality. Or mobile apps for checking-in attendees (even offline). Or personalized itineraries students can update on their own, slashing the number of queries your team has to handle. Or tracking attendance on a session-by-session basis. CRMs don’t have this level of depth.

Every CRM is different, so if you’d like to understand exactly how Gecko augments your current tech stack, reach out to us.

What does a “CRM integration” actually mean?

An integration is a fancy way of saying that two systems are connected, and send data back-and-forth to one another. This is done in the background, automatically.

For Gecko, this means that we send data to (and receive data from) your CRM. The idea is that both systems are kept up-to-date with what’s happening in the other system.

Given that Gecko is a student engagement platform, data we send to your CRM includes things like event attendance statuses, chatbot conversations, call transcripts, form responses, etc. And when things happen in your CRM, like a student moving from an “applicant” to an “admitted” stage, Gecko is kept in-sync too.

Why is it a good thing that Gecko integrates with a CRM?

  1. You can create an ever-improving enrollment funnel by analysing what impacts higher-level institutional goals. Do this by combining Gecko data (like event attendance) with admissions data held in your CRM (like applications). For example, understanding that attendees of a certain event end up enrolling at a higher rate means you can learn how to make your other events just as impactful.
  2. You’ll reduce the number of manual tasks your staff have to endure by freeing them from copying-and-pasting from one system to another. Save hours of their time — and even more of their sanity.
  3. You’ll create more specific, more timely, and more impactful communications. Being able to trigger texts or emails within minutes of a change in your student’s application status (or an event no-show) increases the relevance of your message — regardless of which system the change occurs within.

I have a CRM and need more reasons why we should work together.

  • Modular pricing. Unlike procuring a CRM, you’ll only purchase what you need. You’re not buying functionality to sit on a shelf, unused. Many partners start by investing in one or two Gecko modules to solve the most pressing problems, then expand their capabilities further at a later date.
  • Custom onboarding. Within a week of agreeing to work together, your dedicated Customer Success Executive can be onboarding your whole team. No delays, no implementation fatigue. We cover everything from using the most important parts of the system, to helping you integrate with your CRM.
  • Ongoing training. With a system as powerful as Gecko, it’s tough to become an expert after one week. And we’re aware that your training requirements will become more sophisticated as your knowledge (and ambition!) grows. That’s why we provide free ongoing training for your whole team.
  • Chat support. Every Gecko user has access to our Customer Success team via the live chat system in our applications. And with an average response time of just a few minutes during working hours, you never wait long for an answer to your question.
  • Peer resources. Our partners love hearing about what other institutions are doing with their Gecko suite. So we facilitate client-led discussions and demos as often as we can.
Toni Hartley
Every email, every call and every text is automatically synced from Gecko to the student's timeline in Slate. This is extremely beneficial for looking at prospect behavior before engaging the student one-to-one.
Toni Hartley
Director of Communications and Education Pathways at CalU