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See you at the TACRAO Conference 2021

See you at the TACRAO Conference 2021

Sunday, November 7th → Wednesday, November 10th 2021 — Lubbock, Texas. Booth #1

The Gecko team are really excited to be at TACRAO this year. But what’s better than attending TACRAO…?

Presenting at TACRAO…!

Our Senior Account Executive Kelsi Harris is going to be presenting at this year’s TACRAO conference. She will be discussing the Changing Face of Student Engagement from 10.20-11.10 on Tuesday 9 November at Civic Centre 108.

Why not check it out?

Bring us your questions around student engagement.

What’s keeping you awake at night? What would you love to improve, but don’t know how? What are your biggest time sucks?

We might not have a therapist’s couch at our booth (note to self: idea for future booth layout), but we’d love to chat through your student engagement pain points.

Once you’ve identified where the inevitable lull in proceedings falls within your event schedule, why not book a meeting with a member of our team, to see if we can offer any suggestions? (Or simply stop by our booth at TACRAO – we’re at booth 1.)

Why is it worth chatting to a Gecko at TACRAO?

What we do

Gecko is a student engagement platform that is purpose-designed for higher education. It integrates with your existing systems and workflows to create a connected and customizable student engagement experience, all under one roof. Using the Gecko platform, you can:

  • Transform the student experience
  • Boost enrollment and retention
  • Lighten the load for staff

Why you need a student engagement platform

The recruitment landscape has changed dramatically over the years, and that’s especially true in the student engagement space. Students have higher expectations when it comes to communication with prospective schools. They want instant answers, seamless processes, and the kind of digital experience that inspire them to act and engage at a deeper level.

Gecko can help you deliver on those expectations.

Who we’ve worked with

We’re already partnered with multiple schools across North America – UCI, Lamar University, California University of Pennsylvania, Santa Monica College, Sam Houston State University, and many more. We work with two-year schools, four-year schools, and community colleges. If you want to stand out from the crowd and create a real competitive advantage for your institution, like them, you need a smart student engagement solution.