Digital Forum: Changing the way we communicate

At Gecko, we are all about change. Changing our name, changing our colours and changing the way we work to help you succeed.

In January 2018 we made the bold decision of announcing our New Years Resolution and launched our first batch of product webinars. Our product webinars guided new and less experienced Gecko users through the Gecko system, offering users the ability to ask us any questions that they may not want to ask your in-house Gecko experts.

It’s now March and whilst many others have thrown their New Years Resolution out of the window, our resolution is here to stay. But, as stated in our opening paragraph we are all about change, and after collating all your feedback, we have highlighted two key pieces of feedback: too basic and not basic enough.

So, this month our product focused webinars will be transforming into two exciting new digital forums:

Introduction to Gecko

This digital forum does what it says on the tin, it offers you an introduction to Gecko from the beginning. The digital forum will begin with Gecko Form and the rest of the webinar will be shaped by you, the attendees. So, if  you would like to hear about Call and Chat too then let us know and we will cover it, it is as simple as that.

Gecko Success Forum

On the flip side, the Gecko Success Forum will give you an insight into new features, specific use cases and new product launches. The Gecko Success Forum will skip the basics and go full steam ahead on how new features will help you.

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