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When Everyone is Remote – How Tech Support Teams Can Use a Proactive Chatbot

Most IT help desks receive a fairly consistent stream of questions and requests from students, staff, and faculty. That’s the role of tech support…providing resources in a timely manner to a campus community.

However, with our current state of affairs, almost all schools have gone into fully online, remote teaching, learning, and working environments.

For the foreseeable future, this is business as usual for IT help desks across higher education institutions around the globe.

And IT help desks are already receiving a deluge of repetitive questions about software, hardware, internet connectivity, learning management platforms (LMS), wifi availability, Zoom security, password resetting, and login options.

To help manage this huge influx of emails, calls, and tickets, we’ve got a proactive solution that’s ready to go for any help desk / tech support team.

GeckoEngage chatbot

The solution? Being proactive with a chatbot.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A campus-wide email or SMS text message goes out to students, staff, or faculty members.
  2. The email includes a link back to your chatbot with the bot being your frontline engagement option to handle most questions.
  3. Any responses back to the SMS text message will ‘automagically’ be answered by your chatbot using our AI-powered, conversational technology.
  4. Every response that the chatbot receives helps your tech support team with your overall communication/support strategy.
  5. If the chatbot doesn’t know the answer to a question, a member of the IT Help Desk can answer using our platform’s built-in live chat option.
  6. Questions becomes opportunities for training your bot to make it smarter and even more capable for the next interaction.

If you want to learn more about how a chatbot can help support your IT Help Desk / Tech Support Team, please sign up for our on-demand webinar:
Chatbots to the Rescue – Answering IT Questions When Everyone Needs Tech Support


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