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WhatsApp comes to GeckoChat! 🙌🦎

Over 1 billion users are sending 65+ billion WhatsApp messages EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And starting today, you can incorporate WhatsApp into your conversational messaging strategy, with GeckoChat.

You already know that GeckoChat consolidates all your messaging channels into a single, team-accessible inbox. And you’ll also remember that we’ve recently launched GeckoBot, a chatbot that helps handle any inbound message, regardless of channel. Well, you can now include WhatsApp as one of those channels.

An institution (or department) WhatsApp number can be advertised through any of your online (and offline) media, and students can be encouraged to reach-out. It’s one more way you can give students the opportunity to communicate on their terms, without increasing your team’s workload.

If you’re a Gecko client, and this sounds interesting to your university, Adrian has provided a guide on how to get started. If you’re new to GeckoChat, why not reach-out and schedule a demo of the platform!