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Enhance student recruitment by tracking feeder schools in Gecko Capture

Universities and colleges attend hundreds of recruitment events every year, meeting thousands of prospective students from a variety of schools.

Knowing what students come from which feeder school is crucial in developing the following year’s recruitment plan, but, adding an extra field to capture the school, comes at the risk of losing quick data entry.

To help you capture more information in less time, you can now upload a CSV filled with your feeder school names, which will then pre-fill the organisation field at the student entry point. This means that when prospective students fill out the form, GeckoEngage will automatically search for the feeder institution and pre-fill the field, saving input time and ultimately queue time at recruitment events!

Recruiters can automatically pre-fill and hide the field on their device at specific school fairs, where all students using the form will be from the same institution- removing the field from the form!

How is it possible to track feeder schools?

VP of Product, Adrian will provide an overview of how to set-up and upload organisations and how you can then group them based on your market set-up.