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Short update from Clearing 2020

Phew, that was busy!

I wanted to share with you a short update from Clearing 2020, something which we thought might be of interest to our customers within the UK.

Many of you were in touch with us in advance, keen to make sure you could trust us to be there for you during one of the busiest times of the year.

Each year we get together as a team and begin to plan what things we need to fix and any adjustments we need to make to ensure we scale correctly during this time. You can read about these changes in our Preparation for Clearing 2020 post.

This year was no different on the day, and we pulled off some pretty eye-watering numbers.


Clearing is the most important event of the year for our UK customers, and this year was even more important to them given the global pandemic. I am delighted that GeckoEngage could help Universities through the challenges this year brought, especially given the huge changes and variables involved. Providing the students with a better experience is always top of mind for us and with record breaking numbers from all product areas this year, I’m proud our products can have such an impact.
Matt Lanham
CEO & Founder, Gecko

Capturing student data

We saw a 35% increase on last years form submissions – huge. You’ll know from designing these forms, the workflows and conditional logic that underpin them can be super powerful, so brilliant to see that things held up well.


Answering student questions

Oh my. We saw over 110,000 messages in conversations between customers and students on web chat. Real-time chat is such an important way to help students through such important decisions – where and what to study.

WhatsApp was the second-highest method people used to engage with students, not surprising given how popular it is with students (see recent online study)

Messaging across all channels ramped up to its peak at 9 am GMT+1 (BST),

Before we go…

With the UK Government announcement on A-Levels in England fresh in all our minds, we’ve kept ourselves in a ‘ready’ state for another increase in demand.

If you think we can help somehow, or want to get in touch with a question on anything at all – catch us in-app for on email.


VP of Product