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September Product Update


Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. When the leaves begin to bronze, and the temperature cools, it provides a nice reset of your senses after summer. A reset is great, especially when our attention is turning to the Gecko Forum. The Forum will be an opportunity for us to look back over the last twelve months, and discuss what the future might hold too – so please do join us!

While we look forward to welcoming you, our teams have continued to deliver improvements that continue to help day to day.

Onto the updates!

Stat graphs change based on hours, days, weeks or months 📊 (chat)

Work continues on stats improvements this month.

We’ve now introduced intelligent ‘date’ groupings based on the time period selected within filters – which means graphs are easier to interpret.

  • Filter by a single day to see an hourly breakdown
  • Filter by 1 to 14 days to see a daily breakdown
  • Filter by 15 to 90 days to see a weekly breakdown
  • Filter by 90 days or more to see a monthly breakdown

Tags and notes added to exports (chat)

During the last week the final improvement to exporting has been shipped. You will now see tags and contact notes within your exports – something we’ve been asked about by you over the last few weeks! You’ll need to be an admin or supervisor to export this data, and it’s available in CSV format.

Improved conversation length accuracy 🏹 (chat) 

We have tweaked the conversation length graph on the conversations stats page to improve the accuracy. The conversation length is now calculated from the time between the first and last message, instead of the time between the conversation opening and being closed (which can sometimes be quite a while after the last message!).

Agent and team assignments (chat)

When there is an action you undertake hundreds of times a day, it makes sense to have this be as easy as possible for you. Say hello to opening ‘assign a conversation’ with one click only – small change, lot’s of smiles (hopefully!).

Pre-fill embedded forms using the URL

You asked us about pre-filling forms that were embedded on your website through passing in data through the URL (eg. course name). This is now possible for you to do, in the same way, you could do it for other forms.

Session template tags

You’ll now be able to use template tags to output the session description and webinar details in your outbound communications. Let us know how you get on with this!

…and that’s us for this month!

Until next time.