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Renewed focus for Gecko

It’s fair to say that we started out with a single focus on data capture some 6 years ago now (how time flies!), however, in the last 3–4 years we’ve continued to innovate and bring more technology to the sector and as a result that focus has widened, and the use cases for Gecko have increased.

This is a testament to how malleable our product is, and we love the fact that clients can find new ways to maximise their use of Gecko inside of their institute. However, we feel that this diversity makes it difficult for prospective clients to answer the question of “What does Gecko do?” due to the endless possible use cases.

Representing that diversity in our marketing has become difficult, so we set out to figure out where we were having the most impact, and where the majority of our functionality is best used – and by far it centred around events.

So, that’s why I’m excited to reveal our new website and messaging that focuses on the experience students have when you’re visiting them or they’re visiting campus.

Campus events, for example, are an area where calling, texting, emailing, chatting, ticketing and much of our other functionality feels right at home, and there’s no other provider who can provide an all-in-one solution like we can for this purpose.

We’ve also got exciting new features on their way to compliment what we already provide for events – but I will leave those for Adrian to reveal those once they are ready.

My focus for this blog was to share my thinking with you on why we’re making the change but I also want to take the opportunity to reassure our existing clients that this doesn’t change the functionality you have today, and you can continue to use it in all the amazing ways you do without any issue.