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Product Updates: Importing ChatBot Answers and Improving Call Campaigns

In addition to our Repeat Events, Single Sign-On and Two-Factor Authentication announcements over the past couple of weeks, we’ve also released a plethora of smaller improvements across our Chat, Capture and Talk products, aimed at making your life a little easier. Check them out below!

Importing Bot Answers

We’ve been amazed at the different ways you’ve been using your GeckoBots. Now, to help you organise your bots’ knowledge (and to make it easier for non-Gecko users to contribute), we’ve added a new way to feed your bot information en masse β€” CSV imports!

Questions and answers can now be created in a spreadsheet then imported into your Chat account, enabling you to quickly upskill your bots. 😍

More information is available here, but please note that this feature is still in beta and, as always, your feedback is appreciated!

Auto-closing bot conversations

Within GeckoChat, you can now choose to have bot conversations closed automatically if there is no activity (inbound or outbound) after a certain time. Not only does this help keep your conversation views tidy, but can also help whenever your CRM integration is triggered upon a conversation closing.

Sorting Conversations

Also within Chat, you can now sort each conversations list by oldest or newest conversations! πŸŽ‰

Using a single number for all calls and texts

Sending text messages before and after phone call attempts helps to increase the number of students you reach. Instead of asking students to decide whether to answer an unknown number, you can make contact via text message first, so they’re more open to picking up.

This is now even easier in Gecko, as you can use a single phone number across all calls and texts (including both automated and one to one messages).

So you can:

  • Call a student
  • Send an automated text message if they don’t pick up
  • Handle responses to that message in your Chat app

…all using a single number.

(Another cool use case is offering to call students who text you asking for help. Being able to jump on a call with a student within seconds of them reaching out is often the quickest way to answer their question!)

Choosing a default number type for call campaigns

​At the campaign level, you can now also choose whether to prioritise a specific number type when making your calls! So if you want to always ensure you’re attempting a mobile number first, this can now be done on autopilot. πŸ™Œ

Increase your protection against spammy form completions

We now allow Gecko admins the option to use Google’s reCAPTCHA service to help prevent spammy (or bot) form fills. Human users will be let through without seeing the “I’m not a robot” checkbox, while suspicious traffic and bots have to solve some simple (for humans!) challenges.


Busy month, huh…!?

If you’ve any feedback on the above, please reach out to our Customer Success team!