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Product Update: Triggered Live Chat Workflows

We’ve just released a new feature for Chat, which should entice more students to start a conversation with your team (or your chatbot!). 🙌

We call this feature Pre-Chat Workflows.

From today, these workflows define when and how your live chat widget is proactively promoted to students on your website.

In a nutshell, you can now trigger teaser messages which are shown to students, based on one or more criteria. They look like this:

Here’s a few examples, to help you understand what’s possible:

Scenario One: Trigger an out of office bot

It’s 7pm on a Tuesday, and your team have left the office. But you know students are still trawling your website, and you’re keen to engage them. What do you do?

With a Pre-Chat Workflow, you can trigger a teaser message based on the following criteria:

  • Current Time is after 6:30pm
  • Number of Page Visits is Greater Than 3

Your teaser message can introduce your chatbot, and encourage students to reach out with their question:

Scenario Two: Proactively engage high-value visitors

It’s often possible to gauge a student’s intentions based on the webpages they are viewing.

A US focused example could be students who view the financial aid sections of your website, while a UK example could be students viewing your Clearing pages in late summer.

In either scenario, a proactive message could be triggered using a Pre-Chat Workflow, and used to draw high value students into a conversation with your chatbot.

Scenario Three: Run multi-channel campaigns after your recruitment events

As we mentioned last week, at recruitment events the most sophisticated schools look at each face to face engagement as a single step in a larger process, rather than isolated event. They’re looking to tee up future actions, designed to move the student through the admissions funnel.

Pre-Chat Workflows can help with that.

Once you’ve emailed a student after a recruitment event, any clickthrough URL can be used to trigger a customised message, like this:

In this scenario, the school has identified that a great next step is to have prospective students speak with an existing student. This workflow helps funnel more students down that path.


As you can see, there are a few ways that Pre-Chat Workflows can be used to encourage students to reach out via live chat.

If you have any questions around what’s possible, reach out to our Customer Success team! Alternatively, to arrange a demo of Chat, click here.