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Product Update: Sync your HigherEd Events (& Campus Tours) with Salesforce.org Campaigns

We’re happy to announce a new feature for Salesforce institutions who manage their campus tours and events through Gecko’s Visit platform.

We now offer a two-way sync between events in Gecko and campaigns in Salesforce!

You now have the option to import your Salesforce campaigns on autopilot and map these to Gecko events.

Once this mapping has been established, any new event registrants will automatically be pushed through to your Salesforce campaigns. And then, regardless of where the attendees sit within your event funnel (whether they’re registered, have been waitlisted, have cancelled, or have already attended), we’ll ensure that their campaign member status has been updated accordingly in Salesforce.

Plus, if any of your existing workflows cause the attendee’s status to change in Salesforce (say, a student has cancelled over the phone and your team have manually updated their record), Gecko will pull down any updated campaign statuses, ensuring both systems remain aligned.

Salesforce campaigns are super-powerful — and with our new integration with Gecko events, hopefully they’ll be easier to manage too!

As always, if you’ve any questions, please reach out to our Customer Success team.