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Product Update: September Releases

Hope you’ve all managed to grab some downtime over the summer break! 🏝️😎

Now that we’re all back in the swing of things, I just wanted to share a few of the recent #smallbutmighty product improvements we’ve rolled out.

Sync organizations to your CRM

Users can now import a huuuge list of organizations and have students pick their school or college with ease.

The new Organization field can support 100,000+ prepopulated institutions and is fully searchable, saving students from manually typing out their school name. It also shows the organization address underneath, so students can distinguish between similarly-named institutions.

(Think of it like a normal dropdown field, but after a gazillion cups of coffee. β˜•)

But what’s super-cool is that you can now map your unique institution IDs to your CRM too. So when your team are reviewing their activities, they can easily track which inquiries are coming from each school. πŸ™Œ

Beyond military time

T’is but a small change, but administrators can now change the time format for their Gecko instances to show am/pm, rather than military time.​

This means that your students and teammates would see a start time of 4:15pm for a session that would previously have been listed as kicking off at 16:15. ⏰

Export contacts based on dates

Users now have more granular control over which contacts are to be included within exports.

Date fields β€” such as created date and updated date β€” can now be used to filter contacts prior to export. This is super-helpful for when you’re only looking to extract your most recent prospects. πŸ“†

Add your own Stripe account for payments

When configuring your Gecko account to enable students to make payments, you can now set up your own Stripe account (rather than requiring assistance from our Customer Success team).

Doing so will allow your Administrators to monitor Gecko payments without logging in to Gecko, accurately report on spend and even control their payout time. πŸ’°

Lead syncing with Microsoft Dynamics

In days gone by, Gecko instances could only sync to Dynamics Contacts modules OR Dynamics Lead modules by default.

But now, for every Gecko contact, clients can have a main Contacts module in Dynamics AND have an additional Lead module for the same student.

So you can continue to have your Contact record created (or updated) automatically after every conversation, but now you can also create a new Lead record that can be worked by your recruitment team.


As always, if you have any questions regarding our product updates, please reach out to a member of our Customer Success team and they will get right back to you.