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Product Update: Embeddable Events

If you’re managing your events through Gecko (or planning to) we’ve just released a new feature that will reduce your reliance on a web team — and keep your website up-to-date, 24/7. 🙌

It’s called Embeddable Events, and it looks like this:

It’s an embedded widget that houses your events (or a subsection of them), and slots right into any page on your website. And because it’s dynamically powered by Gecko, it’s automatically kept up-to-date with which events are upcoming. So you no longer need to remember to remove past events from every event page!

Embeddable Events also surfaces all of the event-level information you host in Gecko, such as descriptions, hosts, locations and sessions, so students get a full picture of what they’re signing up for. And with every event available within an easy to use interface, students can select from multiple events with just a few clicks.

The widget choses which events to showcase based on your categorization settings in Gecko. And you can have multiple widgets per website. This means you could have one fully-automated page with *ALL* your upcoming events, another page showcasing only campus tours, one page detailing your alumni events, and even course-specific event widgets on faculty pages! #endlessopportunities

Oh, and did I mention the widget is fully mobile-responsive? 😍

If you currently run events from Gecko, you’ll find that this feature is already enabled within your account (and there’s more information on how you can set it up here). Alternatively, if this is something you’re interested in learning more about, reach out to our Customer Success team and let’s chat.