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Product Update: Chatbot Usage Analytics

Chatbots are great. You know it, and we know it!

But sometimes it’s important to take stock of just how much of an impact they’re having on your front-line communication with students.

That’s why we’ve released Bot Analytics!

Bot Analytics gives you the chance to review how your bot is performing and provides generous top-level data to assist you with reporting.

Jonny dives deeper in this support article, but here’s a quick overview:

So, what do we have for you?

Resolved Conversations

This figure tells us how many closed conversations your bot was involved in where there were zero messages sent by human agents. Want to know how many conversations the bot completed without any help from a human? Look no further than this.

Bonus: I’m willing to bet this is the stat your boss REALLY wants to see when justifying the investment in your chatbot.

Message Success Rate

Want to know how many messages your bot has sent? This is the stat for you. This area will show you the overall number of messages that the bot has sent successfully.

The Message Success Rate is calculated as successful messages vs. unsuccessful messages. This is a great stat to keep a close eye on, as it shows how your bot is improving over time, learning to respond to new queries every day.

Time Saved

One of the more gratifying metrics is Time Saved. This is calculated as the time between the bot’s first and final message in any given conversation that the bot has taken part in.

The hour figure provides an aggregate of total conversation time that the bot has been involved in. We also provided a per conversation average for you.

If you’re looking for a quick ROI figure, Time Saved is super useful.

So, if you’re leveraging our chatbot to engage students, what do your stats say? How much time are you saving?

(And, as always, if you have any questions regarding our product updates, please reach out and a member of our Customer Success team will get right back to you.)