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August Product Update


We’ve been running a little behind this month with our usual monthly update, apologies! It’s a worthwhile update though, so please do read on.

You’ll have seen the announcement for this years GeckoForum. A little different to how we’d usually like to welcome you to our once a year get together, but we’re excited to see you none the less – I encourage you to sign up and come along to the sessions.

On to the product updates!


New notification options and less noise in (Chat) 🔔

Do you get too many notifications, or notifications that aren’t right for you? Well, we hope our latest improvements will help you!

We have split “any new messages in conversations assigned to you” notification setting in two (which previously notified you on personal and team conversations) to give you granular control on what conversations you are made aware of.

You will now find the following two settings in your notification preferences;

  • Any new messages in conversations assigned to you
  • Any new messages in conversations assigned to any of your teams

We have also introduced a chatbot notification setting, which allows you to choose whether you’re updated on new conversations being handled by the bot.

You’ll no doubt be happy to hear we have reduced the number of audible alerts triggered by bots too!

Chatbot stats now with graphs in (Chat) 📊

We’ve made it easier to understand how your chatbot is performing. Head over to stats, and then select ‘chatbots’ – you’ll now be able to see resolved conversations, message success rate and time saved all in one place.

You are able to segment these stats by chatbot, track topics using tag filters and apply a custom date range to see how your chatbot has improved over time.

We’ve also made some small improvements to the calculation for conversation length. It’s now calculated from the time between the first and last message, instead of the duration between conversations opening and closing.  We’ll be backdating this change in the next 2 weeks.

New email statuses

You will see new statuses for emails now, helping you better understand deliverability. These include showing where an emailed has bounced, either temporarily (soft bounce), or permanently (hard bounce). Check out the full list over at the academy.

Validation on forms now works better for students

Its important students have the best experience possible.  So, we’ve shipped an improvement which means when information is entered incorrectly, students will be taken to the page where the first issue has occurred – brilliant.

Automatically resizing images

We mentioned improvements here last update, but we have continued to roll out improvements to ensure images load in quickly for students, in a size suitable for their device.

Until next time!

It’s been a pleasure, and we’ll talk again next month!