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Product Update: Advanced ChatBot Triggers (via Button Clicks)

With today’s feature release, GeckoChat customers now have more control over how to trigger their chat widget — and that opens up a ton of new possibilities…!

The Tech Bit

Until now, the GeckoChat widget automatically loads with every new page view. But from today, you’ll have more granular control over when you want the widget to appear AND what you want the widget to do once it has appeared.

(This is all controlled through HTML on your page, or via the URL of the page in question. For more details on how to set this up, check out Adrian’s article here.)

This might sound a bit cryptic, so let’s look at a few examples of how this might be useful.

Launch the widget at the click of a button…

You can now trigger the chat widget to appear only when a specific button is clicked. This has been specifically requested by clients who want to allow students to initiate a conversation only in certain situations, such as clicking a support link.

…and also assign the conversation to a selected user

That’s cool, but let’s take it a step further. Once you’ve triggered the chat window, you can also assign the conversation to a specific Chat user (or team).

This could be used to encourage students to reach out to their territory Admissions Counselors directly, using a page like this:

In this example, the live chat conversation would be automatically assigned to John Smith. But the student could also choose to text (rather than chat) and the message would still be routed to John’s GeckoChat inbox (without the need for him to share his personal phone number).​

Button clicks can trigger bots too

You probably already know that our chatbots have specific skills, such as answering FAQs, capturing data and registering attendees for events.

Now, you can trigger those bot skills with a button click!

In the example below, we show how a button click launches the chat widget, but also triggers the bot into starting the event registration process.

This means that you can use the bot’s data capture skills to capture information from students on any page of your website. You don’t need to direct your visitors to specific “form” pages — just capture their data there and then, using your chat widget!


Didn’t I tell you this would open up a ton of new possibilities…!? 😃

More people than ever are using messaging as their primary means of communication, and these messaging apps are getting more sophisticated every day. We’re hopeful these features can help your institution tap into these trends.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about what this could mean for your school, please reach out to our Customer Success team.