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Product update: 3 new tools for enhancing the student’s pre-event experience

Understatement alert: events are complex.

As an organiser, you’re responsible for managing a thousand details. The success of your event often comes down to how well you can communicate these details to your prospective attendees. Too much information can be overwhelming and too little can negatively affect attendance.

Fortunately, when creating your event in Visit, we provide a number of tools to help ensure every detail of your event can be communicated clearly, concisely and in a user-friendly manner. And we’ve just released 3 updates to help you take this to the next level.

  1. Event Locations help students easily find where your event/sessions are taking place. ?
  2. Event Hosts give students visibility into who they’ll be meeting at each session. ?‍?
  3. The updated event field, which includes a bunch of mini-optimisations aimed at enhancing the student’s experience without reducing the flexibility required by your event organisers. ⌚

You can see all 3 updates, in tandem, in this lovely GIF:​

If you’re using Visit to run your events, you should see these changes in your interface today.

As always, please reach out if you’ve any questions (or feedback!). ?