On Mondays Time is Your Most Precious Currency

Time is the only thing we are ever truly running out of – deep stuff but true! If you and your team had more time in your day, there are a few things that would happen:

  • Time to think and plan and engage with more students
  • Go home on time without the fear of tomorrow’s mountain of work. Doesn’t that sound nice?
  • Finally getting to inbox zero – I bet you’ve not seen that in a while

Imagine there was a solution so you and your team could achieve everything you are doing now and more – with less effort.

So you could go to work at 9 am and finish at 5 pm, but some of your workload for tomorrow is being tackled while you’re sleeping. What a world that would be, right?

Well, let me tell you about Gecko. Our technology is here to alleviate work burdens so that your department can run more efficiently.

We’ve talked about how to solve the spike in inquiries on a Monday and last week we covered how to boost your team morale on a Monday – this week we want to talk about how to do more with less – on your busiest day of the week.

Mondays. With Melted budget and modified staff.

2-3 pm on a Monday is the busiest time for student inquiries at Arapahoe Community College. They receive over 100 conversations within the hour. That’s a lot!

And, Mondays got a little tougher over the past 12 months. 

During the course of the Spring semester of 2020, Arapahoe Community College, like every college across the US had to convert their traditional on-campus student experiences to online ones, to support the safety of students, staff, and faculty. 

But the volume of inquiries from students kept flooding in. 

This is what Kayce O’Brien, Director of Admissions had to say about turning to technology and partnering with Gecko during COVID.

With budgets frozen and a loss of 10 student workers, who provided 160 hours of staffing support each week, ACC had to make some decisions.

Partnering with Gecko to manage the influx of inquiries on a Monday, and to increase their availability around the clock for their students was a no-brainer for ACC.

Hiring More Staff isn’t the ONLY answer. And for many teams - it's not possible.

With so many inquiries, it’s easy to feel short-staffed on a Monday. With more colleges experiencing funding cuts, hiring more staff is probably not in the cards.

It’s your job to maximize your efficiency as much as humanly possible. But, you’re probably already doing that. Now, it’s time to maximize your efficiency as much as technologically possible. 

Although the world has changed, much of the technology higher ed uses hasn’t – a mission that Gecko was happy to undertake. Students expect more, they want real-time response. It’s a huge challenge, and very few meet the student where they are – but those that do, they really reap the benefits.

As we mentioned ACC is one of them – but partners like ACC aren’t the only one’s benefiting from Gecko’s investment in making the impossible possible. In fact 100’s of Colleges just like yours are turning to Gecko to squeeze more of their day – to amplify the potential in the team you already have.

Technology isn’t the only answer though – you need a partner that can help you understand how to apply that technology, why it’ll make a difference and be there with you on the journey. That’s us.

Want to do more with less? Ready to maximize the efficiency of your team?