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October Product Update

Welcome to the October Product Update!

It’s strange to think it’s been two weeks since we got together for GeckoForum 2020. It was wonderful being able to talk with everyone about highlights from over the last twelve months, and to share our thoughts about the year ahead.

We’ll be making some changes to how we communicate product updates moving forward. Many of you didn’t actually know we were doing them – oops! So, we’ll do a better job communicating these.

You’ll now see these posts appearing in-app (hello to those of you who are new!). You’ll also see we have reintroduced a “what’s next” section to give a little more insight into the next 30 days too.

Onto the updates!


Recurring Exports (Chat)

Some big news for my arrival back.

You have been wanting to get your contact and conversation data out and into other systems. Well, say hello to recurring exports, as it’ll allow you to do just that.

You can set up a recurring export to support a new integration, or enable you to build your own reports in other apps like Microsoft Excel! Head over to settings > exports within the app to get started.

Supporting new integrations (eg. Slate, and Ellucian Banner)

In some even bigger news, shipping recurring exports has also opened up the opportunity to pass this data out to a SFTP server. That means recurring exports with SFTP as your destination expands our support for CRMs such as Slate, and Ellucian Banner. It also expands support to other apps for things like data visualisation (think Tableau!).


New stat improvements (Chat)

Real time conversation stats

You wanted to understand more about the volume of current conversations. You’ll now be able to see this through the new ‘counts’ on the conversations view. Understand how many conversations are allocated to ‘open’, ‘unassigned’, ‘my conversations’ and “assigned to bot” through checking out the filters at the top.

Closed conversation stats

We’ve created two new closed conversation graphs across the conversation and bot stats views within the app.

  • See how many conversations are being closed each day through looking at the conversation stats tab
  • Compare how many conversations are being closed by humans vs. bots, through checking out the graph on the bot stats tab

Form responses now show as a channel in stats

Form responses will now show within the conversations by channel view, as these were showing as system information before the change – not very helpful, now hopefully a lot more helpful! This is available on the conversation stats tab.

Channel graphs grouped by type

The range of channels and channel types could become overwhelming.  To improve this, we have grouped the most popular channels and channel types within the graphs, and made comparisons more straightforward for you eg. humans vs. bots.

Renaming integrations

It’s common for people to have a couple of integrations of the same type to support different environments (eg. sandbox, production etc). It’s likely that up until now you’ve been finding it difficult to distinguish between these integrations in the activity log. We have now made it possible to rename your integrations, allowing you to create distinctions between your different integration setups.


Sync uploaded file URLs to Microsoft Dynamics

Looking to store the files upload by students in Dynamics? Well, wait no longer! We made a small improvement to our Microsoft Dynamics integration which allows you to pass file URLs from contact fields to lead/contacts in Microsoft Dynamics.


Surface Microsoft Dynamics Attendance sync errors

We noticed that Microsoft Dynamic users were struggling to diagnose event attendee errors as these were not displayed within the contact activity log. To improve this, we have begun showing these sync errors to help you reduce the time it takes to resolve these.


Other Improvements

  • You can now populate a forms ‘captured by’ data through sharing a unique URL with prospective students – head into the ‘share’ view on your form to select a user to populate this with
  • We won’t show the consent all button on your forms where you are showing students a single consent option – simple
  • In the app, we’ll only show filters within the response view that users have permissions for – this should stop certain filters resulting in error messages
  • Reduced load times in the events view – these should now appear to be quite a bit faster
  • Fixed a rogue sidebar. If you saw it, sorry, if you didn’t – pretend it was never there!


What's next?

We’re going to look at improvements to the student experience when checking into online events, and how sessions are displaying for large events within your forms. We’ll also be looking at things like improvements the performance when loading in chat stats, conversation filters, and resolving a couple of the issues around the field mappings between the two experiences.

Until next time!