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November Product Update

Welcome to the November Product Update!

The holidays are nearly upon us! I’m aware many of you now have the mass testing of students to contend with – one last big ask to ensure everyone returns home to their families safely before we all break off. Some of you are using us to support you with that, and I’m hoping that experience is as seamless as possible for you.

And, when it finally comes, I hope you have a fantastic holiday season!

Onto the updates.

Speed improvements for stats (chat)

We're pretty upset that your chat statistics have been slow for some time now! We wanted to make sure statistics were accurate, easy to understand, and available with minimal wait. We tackled the first two, and then went after the performance last - you'll now see your stats load much quicker for you, so they are there when you need them to be. We've cut the load times from over 20 seconds for people with quite a few conversations, down to around 2 seconds - we hope you notice the difference!

Update to the chat user interface (chat)

If you haven’t noticed already, we’ve given the chat experience a good ol’ lick of paint and updated the user interface! We made this change to solve a bunch of design issues that had been about for a while, and to ensure a consistent experience for you when using chat. When you spend quite a bit of time somewhere, it's important that it works just how you would expect it to. We hope you love the new aesthetic.

First step towards an accessible widget (chat)

Your method for communicating with students on the web has gotten a little bit more accessible. Screen readers will now read sentences and not individual words within the widget - the first win, and many more are planned.

Other Improvements

  • Pagination on the event field. Good news. When you have a large volume of sessions to show prospective attendees via your forms event field – these will now be spread across a couple of different pages!
  • Improved alerts for when sessions become unavailable on form submissions. We’ll now show the sessions in question, and allow prospective students to update their choices!
  • Run now option for exports. Sometimes we recurring exports you want to run them immediately – so you can now do that from the exports view
  • Sortable workflows. You can now sort your workflows by name, and by created date, to find workflows quicker within the table (chat)
  • Printable PDFs for your stats. Sounds a strange one to be thinking about how things look when printed, but stats are often shared with colleagues – so you can now PDF your stats and share these with other people (chat)
  • Framework upgrade.

What’s next?

We’re continuing the accessibility improvements within chat. We’ll also be looking at how we better break up conversations happening across different channels. In engage, we’ll be looking at improvements to the RSVP experience to speed up check-ins for students, and looking at surfacing your email reputation for bulk outbound emails via broadcasts.

Until next time!