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New Podcast on Academic Advising, Student Success, and Chatbots

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on the Adventures in Advising podcast. Hosted by Colum Cronin, Senior International Officer at Dublin City University, and Matt Markin, an academic advisor for California State University-San Bernardino, this podcast is relatively new (4 episodes in) and has started off with a great mix of guests, topics, and energy.

The guys had me on the show to discuss all things related to academic advising and digital transformation. This episode is 78+ minutes in duration, so get ready for a lot of content on academic advising, technology, chatbots, and student success.

The future for advising is filled to the brim with technologies that will amplify existing advising structures and enhance the student experience. Long gone are the days of pen and paper as academic advising plunges into a new world of artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and sophisticated data collection to drive retention and overall engagement.

Make sure you subscribe to future episodes of the Adventures in Advising podcast as Colum and Matt have done a terrific job with this show!

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