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New Events Feature: Making on campus events easier!

For many prospective students, a University Open Day, Open House or Campus Tour  is the first time that they will catch a glimpse of what it’s like to be a real student. Walking around campus, attending lectures and speaking to current students can be an exciting – as well as slightly nerve racking time. For those who organise the on campus recruitment events, the experience can be slightly different. A little less magical and a little more ‘all hands-on deck’.

At Gecko, we’ve worked with over 50 universities to support the student recruitment process, we understand the difficulties that occur when hundreds of prospective students, parents and student ambassadors descend on university campus and we aim to help.

Our developers have been hard at work creating the new ‘Events’ feature. This new feature is designed to ease the registration process for prospective students and allows you to capture the user journey more effectively!

Here are some of the benefits included in the new feature:

• Grouping events into categories
• Creating multiple session times for repeating events
• Allowing students to pick one, or multiple events from a calendar
• Improved events and attendee exports

How does it work? Over at The Gecko Academy, we’ve created a handy video to show you!