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May Product Update

Welcome to the May product update!

It’s been another busy month, with usage increasing dramatically after we began offering a free trial for our chatbot a few months ago. We’re also beginning to see usage of our events and forms creep back up too after a dip during the peak of the outbreak (I appreciate in some locations, that peak remains).

Our teams have been busy supporting you as this usage increases, and continuing to deliver on some of the things you have been asking for!

Onto the updates!

Showing and hiding full events

It’s now possible to show full events on your forms! You can do this by navigating to a form, editing the event field, selecting ‘options’, then using the toggle to either ‘show’ or ‘hide’ full events. Students using a form with ‘show full events’ switched on will see a new full indicator for full events.

Images will load faster for students

We are passionate about students having the best experience possible, and know you are too. This change focuses on doing just that, ensuring that images on student-facing experiences will now appear faster than ever before.

Our engineer Sean shared some figures. Before the change, we were looking at a 3.8mb image taking 1.36 seconds to download. After the change, it will now take 0.3 seconds to download.

Across the whole experience, things appear a whole lot more snappy for students!

Show ‘agent status’ indicator when assigning conversations

We have just released an “online” indicator on the conversations page within the assign agent dropdown!
This was initially raised by one of our teams based on conversations with customers. We learned that you were having to visit the agent page to check the online status of agents, taking up valuable time where you could be responding to students.

It’s a subtle improvement that should save you jumping between screens.

Exporting contacts and conversations

You told us you wanted to do your own analysis on conversations, and get your data into other systems. So, you can now export your chat conversation data into a handy CSV file! Go to contacts, click the export button, and click export conversations in the dropdown menu. You’ll be asked to confirm the export, and then it will be emailed to you automatically!

Watch this space, we are adding more data to the conversation export based on your needs – and are still working towards getting this data out and onto a SFTP server.

Oh, and before I forget, you can also filter chatbot stats by date now too! It’s in advance of further improvements happening in the stats area – but hopefully enough to give you some additional views of this data.

Until next time!