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March Product Update

Welcome to our regular product update – this time for March 2020!

It’s been a challenging month, for both our customers and for our staff. We’re doing everything we can at the moment to support you in the months ahead. It’s important we make sure you have what you need to engage with students, and to be able to continue to run your events (albeit online now!).

I hope the announcement made on the new free Response Bot chatbot will help you continue to engage with students. We believe that students having access to up to date information through a conversational bot run by your institution will be super important in the coming months.

If you haven’t already, check out the announcement from our CEO, Matt.

OK, so on to the updates.

Sorting your bot training opportunities

When you next visit the chatbot training opportunities table, check out the clickable column headers that sort your training opportunities. It’s now;

  • Faster to find the most common questions to train from, helping make your bot’s responses more relevant
  • Easier to resolve questions based on your existing chatbot answers and skills

Resolving bot training opportunities – faster

Sometimes it is unavoidable, your chatbot has an increase in low-quality training opportunities. You’ll now have a way to clear some out!

No need to worry… we have now made ignoring questions simpler too!

  • Sort your table by oldest, most uncommon, or least resolvable questions first
  • Then within the training opportunities table or the resolve unknown answers pop up, select the new ignore button

Improvements to chat workflows (new triggers, pause, and resume)

Looking to make your life a little more efficient?

We’ve some good news for you, workflows have had some improvements!

  • Using keywords within a student’s current or previous URL; you will now be able to trigger auto messages, tag conversations or assign to agents and bots using a single workflow!
  • You told us that sometimes your workflows are time-sensitive. You can now pause and resume them, making it easier to start and stop them whenever you need to!

What’s next?

  • Over the last couple of weeks we have been doing the groundwork so you can export your conversations and contacts seamlessly from chat and the chatbot – expect this to ship soon!
  • We were keen to see you all checking in attendees at your events using the new visit mobile app we’ve been working on for you. However, the timing couldn’t be worse – so we’ve paused work on this for the moment
  • Pausing the mobile app dev time has freed up our resources to help you run events online with your students. You can expect to keep your current event structure, with the option to shift them online!

We should have more on online events in the coming week, so keep your eyes peeled!