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Lets get digital for Clearing

Uncertainty is a constant part of our lives at the moment and it seems to be no different for Clearing. Some Universities and students will be using the new Clearing Plus process in July, which has understandably led to questions.

We understand it is fast approaching and Gecko is here to support you!

We know that A-level results day is the busiest day of the year for admissions teams and with results day just around the corner, students will be eager to find out whether they have been placed in their university of choice.

Many students find themselves in the position of having to rethink their plans if they do not achieve the grades needed or expected, while having to simultaneously cope with feelings of disappointment or worry. Students who miss the UCAS deadline or don’t make the grades will be using the Clearing service to grab sports at universities that have spaces to fill.

In 2018, over 60,000 students found a place through Clearing according to UCAS

But, what does this mean for universities?

This means answering the calls of over 60,000 determined students looking for a place at university, meaning working quickly and efficiently to ensure that students are informed and university places are filled.

How to prepare for Clearing 2020 with Gecko

With increased uncertainty in the market, it’s important to be able to explore all avenues of student requirements and ensure processes are in place and teams are ready in advance.

In 2019, Gecko supported a 300% increase in activity on results day from our partner universities

Sign up for our on-demand Clearing 2020 webinar recording here! We provide some guidance on how to manage Clearing this year through Gecko and also prepare for a scenario where this would have to be executed remotely.

Let us know if you would like us to check your set up in advance of Clearing by contacting our Customer Success team.