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June Product Update

This is a post by Callum Dickson, one of our Product Managers. He’s standing in for Calum Shepherd this month, our VP of Product, as he is busy beavering away on another update for you.

Welcome to the June product update!

It’s been a busy month!

In addition to our usual shipping of fixes and improvements, our teams have also begun testing and scrutinising performance in preparation for clearing.

For our US clients, ‘clearing’ is the time where higher education institutions in the UK fill gaps they have on their courses after the students receive their A-Levels. Last year in the EU region we saw approx. 25k form submissions and 27k chat messages sent on this day alone – this year we are expecting even higher numbers!

Technical improvements

In anticipation of clearing, we have been load testing our product to ensure that we are there when you need us most.

We’ve already begun to make improvements behind the scenes based on the results of this testing.

We’ll link to more on these improvements when our clearing specific blog post is live.

Forms load faster for students

In the run up to clearing, our key focus has been to improve the performance of our products. We want to ensure everyone is capable of delivering the best experience possible for their potential students during clearing, therefore we invested time into doing just that.

We have decreased the time it takes to load sessions & organisation fields within forms, ensuring that the student facing experiences will now appear faster than ever before.

App interface beginning to load faster (contacts)

We also improved the loading time for various pages within the app too, with both contact and integrations pages loading quicker now for you.

We’ve been seeing some significant improvements to performance from this work, and it builds on us looking at the student experience.

We’ll be continuing to make improvements to this behind the scenes, and we hope you notice the difference. It’s always hard balancing new features and performance, but we really feel changes like this are vital to you having a positive experience in the months and years ahead.

Attendee cancelation and did not attend

We hope this one goes down a treat for those of you running events! We now allow for attendees to be marked as ‘did not attend’, which is a great way for you to be super explicit about those attendees who didn’t make your event, even though they were supposed to attend – it’s the final missing piece for end to end event statues.

The new status will be available to sync back through your integration(s) too.

To accompany this change, we also improved the student experience when managing their attendance at your event. This includes things like the language used when being asked to confirm cancellation.

New data in conversations exports

As promised last month, we have added a bunch of useful columns to the conversation export within GeckoChat for all your reporting needs! We’ve included columns for custom fields and conversation participants (agent, team & chatbot).

To check out the latest change, go to contacts, click the export button, and click export conversations in the dropdown menu. You’ll be asked to confirm the export, and then it will be emailed to you automatically in a handy CSV file!

Watch this space, we have been listening to all your suggestions and will be making more improvements in the coming weeks. Performance is our number one priority, but we are looking at other areas, like further stats improvements for chat and some UI improvements for workflows on engage.

Until next time!