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July Product Update

Welcome to the July product update!

It’s great to be able to share some of the progress we have made with you again over the last 30 days.

In the last update, we talked about the importance of clearing, and we’ve spent the time since then doubling down on system performance across the board.

Providing the best student experience and facilitating the numbers you need to have a successful clearing is the aim here – and we’ve made some excellent strides forward for you.

So, what’s new?

Load time for large events, on forms, reduced to milliseconds

This one is huge, and we hope you agree.

You kept us informed about some of the challenges you faced when asking students to book sessions from large events via forms.

We saw some slowdown for large events, and with our testing, most events now load into forms in under a second – irrespective of size!

Phew, that’s fast!

Smaller performance improvements

We’ve continued tackling some of the lower-level performance improvements. These include things like a) making areas of the interface in engage quicker to load b) loading in forms quicker through ditching unnecessary code c) improving how we read and write from the database to speed things up for you.

Improved scaling for messaging and chatbots

The performance improvements don’t just stop on the forms and events side of things. We’ve seen some marked improvement with chat too.

  • We’ve been spending quite a bit of time improving performance around concurrent bot conversations, which means we can scale more quickly with an increase in bots conversing with students
  • The web chat widget has been made more resilient to avoid unexpected downtime
  • Speeding pp how we read from the database, making sure things appear snappy for users

Improvements to conversation stats

You’ll find an extra level of detail in your conversation graphs!

‘New Conversations’, ‘Median Time to First Response’ and ‘Median Conversation Length have been updated, and now have an additional layer of detail to keep you more informed.

You'll be able to view things like 'New Conversations' by; unassigned, assigned to an agent, assigned to team, etc.

Toggle agent conversation assignments in team stats

We had lots of feedback about what is used to calculate team stats on the agent’s page, with some of you even comparing this to the stats of individuals in these teams.

So, we’ve made this easier and allowed you to toggle agent assigned conversations within the team’s stats table – no more confusing differences in these numbers!

Changes to user permissions

To help prevent any unnecessary issues with new agents over clearing we have introduced three new permission rules.

You will now have to be a supervisor or admin to create, edit or delete workflows, chatbots, and conversation tags. To increase your permissions, speak to one of your admins and ask them to update the user type from your agent profile.


Squashing those pesky bugs

We’ve continued squashing bugs too. This includes; an issue with a small number of relative workflows not triggering (engage), national VOIP numbers being unavailable for purchase (engage), invalid text on pre-chat forms not being flagged (chat), and an issue where someone reading a message on the widget could result in all messages showing as read independently of the channel (chat).

We wish everyone a successful clearing, and remember, we’re here for you on the day and have colleagues in covering extended hours for you.

If you missed our post on our availability during clearing (amongst other things), check it out here.

Until next time!