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GeckoForum Hackathon Release

We held our very first hackathon at the second GeckoForum on the 5th of March and we are excited to bring you the features and improvements developed by our development team throughout the day.

Set an end date for workflows

You can now configure an end date on workflows. Once configured, workflows will stop running past the set date.

Group and organise email/sms templates with categories

You can assign an email or SMS template to a category, either individually from the edit tab or en-masse via the templates table. Once you assign categories to your templates, you can filter the list of templates by category. The filter will be persisted even if you navigate out of the page and come back, allowing users to only see the list of templates relevant to them at any time. If you search the template list by title, only the templates in the filtered category will be searched and shown.

Send yourself a test email

Check how the email will look in your actual inbox by sending yourself a test email via our template editor. Keep in mind that the purpose of this feature is to test the layout, not the mail merge tags. If you’re looking to test whether the correct information is pulled through into the email via the mail merge tags, you should trigger the email the same way it would trigger for a student.

Attendee check in after the event

Prompt students to mark themselves as attended after the event via the RSVP page. Once the end date of an event has passed, the self check-in option will continue to stay enabled under a new label called “Mark Attended”, allowing students to mark themselves as attended for any of the sessions or the main event.

Other minor updates and improvements:

  • You can now clone a landing page by going into the landing pages section, clicking on the actions dropdown on the right and clicking on “Clone”.
  • There’s a new workflow action to remove a label from a contact.

We have spent over a week testing the functionality but if you experience any issues with any of the updates, please get in touch via our support live chat. There are a few bigger features we started during the hackathon but we haven’t been able to finish just yet, so stay tuned for more updates very soon.

Please let us know what you think of these updates as it really helps us understand our clients better, not to mention that it keeps our team focused and motivated.