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Product Update: GeckoBot has arrived! 🤖 🚀🦎

We’re pleased to announce that we launched GeckoBot yesterday at our customer forum here in Edinburgh!

GeckoBot can answer questions, capture inquiries, register students to campus events and more — all without the need for input from staff members. It’s designed to give HigherEd Admissions’ teams their time back, freeing them to focus on high-quality one-to-one dialogue with students.

The customizable bot is channel-agnostic too, meaning it can be trained to handle any inquiry, whether the student reaches out via Facebook Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, or our live chat system.

If you’re an existing GeckoChat client, and you also use GeckoEngage to manage your campus events or recruitment fairs, you can achieve even more with Geckobot. A bot can be added to your existing workflows, to proactively engage your event attendees (like this exchange between an Admissions Counselor and a prospective student after a recruitment event):

We’ve added a few more use cases to our website, just to get your creative juices flowing.

If you’re interested in how Geckobot could work for your institution, please reach out to our Customer Success team and they’ll be happy to arrange a time to chat.