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Integrate Connect and Radius CRMs by Campus Management (previously Hobsons) with GeckoEngage

What is GeckoEngage higher education software?

GeckoEngage is an all-in-one superhuman student engagement solution designed to capture, manage and engage with prospective students throughout the recruitment cycle.

Developed alongside the education sector, GeckoEngage builds simple and affordable solutions that increase the success of student recruitment activities, reduces associated workload, and ensures peace of mind.

GeckoEngage began with the introduction of GeckoForm. GeckoForm is an intuitive data capture solution that works on and offline helping you to automate personal emails to your students to kick off the engagement – perfect for high school fairs, international, and more.

GeckoForm continues to grow with the development of an additional Pro upgrade that provides you with SMS follow-up and events features that allow students to register for recruitment events and specific sessions within, perfect for open house and campus tour bookings!

In 2016 we introduced GeckoCall, a powerful call center functionality that helps you and your team optimize call campaigns. Within Gecko Call you are able to create responsive call scripts, assign users to call, make calls quickly and automatically log calls, outcomes, and follow-ups – including recordings if using our voice over IP technology.

Most recently at Hobsons University, we launched the all-new GeckoEngage Chat! GeckoEngage Chat is a supercharged live chat system that allowing engagement with your students across your live chats, Facebook, email, WeChat, and SMS through a single easy-to-use interface.

How does GeckoEngage supercharge your CRM?

  1. Set-up is simple, in fact, setup takes under 2 minutes.
  2. GeckoEngage improves overall efficiency – saving CRM managers, student recruitment, and admissions teams up to 5 hours a day!
  3. All of our modules integrate with Campus Management (previously Hobsons), removing the need for manual input.
  4. GeckoEngage’s data is accurate and fully matched to your CRM – maximizing your accurate, segmented data.
  5. GeckoEngage adds functionality to CRM; data capture, data cleansing, scanning at events, check-in, open house management, call center, and messaging are all enhanced.

If you’d like to learn more about our Higher Education technology solutions and how they can help your University or College, why not schedule a free online demo?