February Product Update: SSO, MSFT Dynamics and speedier events 💨

We get together every two weeks as a company to share progress with each other. We talk through improvements, new features, architecture changes, and bugs we have squashed across all of our products. It’s a great opportunity for us to catch up and celebrate the things which we think will make a real difference for you in your day to day.

It’s the first session I have done with the team since joining in December, and I was struck by a question from a member of the team – “Have we been communicating these things with our customers?”. It was a great question, and the answer was not as much as we should!

That’s on me, and we’ll begin sharing much more with you in the coming months so you can understand more about how we can help you day to day. 

So, where are we today?

Signing in once

You’ll notice that everyone can now sign in through a single sign-in screen. This means you can now access all your accounts in one place – no more remembering different usernames and passwords if you have a couple of our products.

Improvements loading events in forms

We’ve tackled a performance problem for people with events that have a large number of session times associated with them. When these were loading into forms, we could see a delay that would either result in them timing out, or in the delay being unacceptably long.

Multiple twitter accounts on Chat

Are you a team working with multiple twitter accounts? Some people let us know they were finding it hard to work out which was which. We’re now pulling through your Twitter handle as well as a friendly name to help you with this.

Microsoft Dynamics integration for contacts

We had a customer who was looking to sync their contacts from GeckoChat to the contacts module within Microsoft Dynamics. We moved quite quickly and switched some things around behind the scenes to allow this to happen for them – so we’ve now done things the right way and opened this up for everyone.

Bug squashing!

Well, what can we say – we have seen some amazing progress in squashing some of the most common issues people have been having across our products.

We resolved over 48 bugs in the last month. I’m super proud of the progress on this, but we have lots more to do to make sure the experience you have is free of issues.

What’s next?

We’ve got some big chunks of work out the way now.

  • Continue squashing bugs where these come up, so continue to let us know when things are not working quite right for you.
  • Reimagining what we can do to allow people to check in attendees offline on the events side of things – expect some big news on this in the coming months.
  • Gather some momentum around chatbot improvements, we have a full two weeks looking at everything from tidying up tagging to allowing you to pause workflows.

Exciting times, and happy to be on board!