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Boost Team Morale on a Monday

Mondays Suck! 

You’ve walked into your overflowing inbox after the weekend, those students who couldn’t contact you for the past two days are on the phone and online desperate to speak. You’re chasing your tail, playing catch up and you know the day is going to get a lot busier…

Chances of achieving any of those goals you set yourself on the way into the office (yes, this may just be from your kitchen to your bedroom these days)? Slim. 

But what if Monday didn’t have to suck?

Previously we’ve talked about how to solve the spike in Monday inquiries that we know every admissions office experiences, but this week we want to talk about how you do everything you need to do whilst enjoying it! How do you and your team get everything done that needs to be completed whilst keeping morale high?


Why Do You Work in Higher Ed Anyway?

When you first started out working in higher education, you likely had the dream of helping students forge their path into the next chapter of their lives. Having the ability to take part in shaping the futures of so many people is as empowering as it is rewarding.

But do you find that your day-to-day work is getting more and more bogged down by the details? You know all of those time-consuming, mindless tasks that eat away at your day? These can be anything from filling out forms or answering basic department questions. Tasks like these are important, but total time-sucks. They leave you little time for meaningful interactions with students.

It’s Time to Make Everyone’s Life Easier. So where do we start?

You and your team need a morale booster. Sure, coffee and donuts are great, but you need something that’s going to last longer than a sugar high.

Think about what your team could do if you made some real tech changes. The changes that alleviate burden. The changes that allow your skilled admissions team to do the jobs that do require a human connection.

Now that would really boost morale.

Using technology to improve staff morale doesn’t have to be difficult. However, the fear of technology can sometimes get in the way.

Did calculators replace accountants? No.

So don’t let the fear of technology get in the way.

Here at Gecko, we specialize in technology that handles the busy work for you. Our software helps you reach, engage, and onboard prospective students by taking away a whole bunch of those daily frustrations that decrease morale, so you and your team can achieve everything you do now – with less effort.

Leaning into advancing technologies is the fastest and simplest way to boost your productivity and give you an opening to spend your day on the things you want, such as creating meaningful connections with students. Is that more important than taking the time to tell someone what your department’s office hours are?

Save your time for the things that truly matter. Let our solutions do the rest.

Tracie Craig Lamar University
The bot has saved us a lot of time and is available around the clock to answer those common questions. It's tiring and a little frustrating to encounter the same things over and over. Allowing the chatbot to parrot the answers to those common questions has boosted team morale.
Tracie Craig
Director, Welcome Center from Lamar University

Ready to have less on your work plate? Ready to boost your team’s morale? Surely the answer is yes!