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Become a chatbot hero in 30 minutes

Chatbots are the ultimate tag team champions. They let your admissions staff focus their time and energy on the more complex inquiries and tasks, while the bot picks up the simple, repetitive questions from students.

It’s pretty simple, if the chatbot doesn’t know the answer, a member of the team can hop in to assist when needed. When someone from your team steps in and replies it creates a ‘training opportunity’ (more on that below 👇), so the bot learns and gets smarter every time 🤓

Whether it’s admissions, financial aid, IT Helpdesk, or any other functional area, many colleges are launching chatbots to enhance student experience and make their institutions stand out.

Become a chatbot hero in 30 minutes

You might think, yes, a chatbot sounds like a good idea, but there is no way you can spare the resource to get set up…however, with a little planning and prep, you can get a chatbot live and delivering results in less than a week!

In fact, we are going to cover some tips and tricks for building, training, and launching your bot quickly and efficiently in our upcoming webinar, in just 30 minutes – check it out

Build Up That Bot

  • You can customize your bots with its own name, avatar, and tone of voice.
  • You can build up your bot to work only certain time zones or power through 24/7!

Basically… it’s all up to you! Look at what University of California, Irvine had to say about creating Peter the Anteater’s personality 👇

Boost Your Bot Knowledge

For a more detailed overview of the benefits that a chatbot can bring to your institution, as well as tips and tricks for building, training, and launching your bot register for our upcoming webinar.

You’ll hear from our CEO & Founder, Matt Lanham, and our Head of Implementation, Jonny Richardson on how you can give your bot a unique personality, and how it can save you 100’s of hours per month! They will also share the many uses of a chatbot for student engagement and we’ll outline the implementation journey.

All of the above, in true fashion, will be backed by real examples and results achieved from our many higher education partners! Ready? Let’s learn how to build a chatbot.