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April Product Update

Welcome to our regular product update, this time for April 2020!

We hope you are settling into your remote working ‘normal’ as best as possible. I can imagine for families this is a particularly difficult time, balancing children and work – all within the finite space of your own home. For those of you impacted by the virus directly, our thoughts remain with you during this difficult time.

OK, onto the updates!

Online events student experience

We’ve made some improvements to online events, based on your feedback.

  • When students are tapping ‘Join Online’ on the RSVP pages, we’ll expose the webinar details to them there and then – reducing taps and improving the user experience
  • You can now input webinar details at the event level where you have details for the whole event. Or, you can input them at the session level where you have different details for each session. It’s a little less flexible, but helps make the experience much better for students

Inputting template tags

Sometimes the smallest changes can be the most delightful! When inputting template tags, they will now be input wherever your cursor is – meaning no more insert, copy, and paste!

Integrations & Imports

  • Dynamics. When using this integration, and a contact sync has failed in the past, we’ll now attempt to sync that contact again when an attendance sync has been triggered. We hope this change improves parity between the Dynamics and GeckoEngage
  • Imports. You can now import checkbox fields! In addition when importing responses, you can now allow consent workflows to run too!

Chat and chatbot; we’ve been continuing to make improvements for you, while squashing some of the small bugs that have been cropping up as we scale in this area. Usage has more than doubled in the last month as students continue to get in touch with you for advice, support, and all other questions.

Improvements to bot statistics

You might have seen the in-app communication on the improvements to bot statistics.

  • Success rate now compares the number of successful messages against the total number of messages
  • Time saved has been adjusted to reduce the impact of exponentially long conversations
  • All bot conversations will be automatically closed after 8 hours of inactivity – this can be adjusted for preference in the bot settings!

Making things easier for students

When you have a form for a student to complete within your conversation, students won’t have to input basic information again if they completed a pre-chat form too – win-win!


Bots respond - faster!

We’ve given your bots a little speed boost. Students expect responses quickly, and now we’ve balanced that a little better with making the conversation feel ‘natural’.

We’ve continued to squash bugs, and work on slightly larger features for you too. Exports for contacts and conversations are just about ready, so expect to see this in chat in the coming week.

Keep in touch, and until next time,