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Announcing decisions we are taking to help our team and our customers

Today I am announcing multiple decisions we have taken to allow us to continue operating Gecko without disruption for our customers, but more importantly to protect the health of our employees, our customers, and their friends and families.

Our team is going fully remote

From Monday, March 16th our team will go fully remote for the foreseeable future. We are fortunate that we do not need to be in the same room to perform our work, and this will ensure that our focus is fully on our customers, and not on travel disruption, health concerns, or further government regulation.

All business travel is stopped (we aren’t coming to campus)

We just can’t send our team to campus right now, I don’t think it’s wise for us, or for you, and therefore instead we will be conducting any scheduled demonstrations, training sessions, and implementations virtually (something we do a lot of already).

GeckoForum is cancelled

We love the opportunity to bring our clients together and talk about all things Gecko, and our customer event does exactly that, but given the current circumstances, we have taken the decision to cancel it until an unknown future date.

Gecko will operate as normal

Just to be absolutely clear, Gecko will continue to operate as usual, with the same level of customer service and support, and commitment to delivering as it always has, and we will do whatever it takes to help our customers through these difficult times.

You can contact us in all the normal ways, so nothing changes from your perspective

Use the products you have more – for FREE

In these unprecedented times, we need to help each other get through things, we know resources are stretched, demand is higher, and therefore we want to help.

For any product you have purchased, if you require any additional user licenses to deal with increased demand we will provide them to you at no cost over the next 3 months. For Talk, or Promote customers we will not charge you for any VOIP usage (calls or text messages) for the next 3 months, therefore you can use these to communicate with your students without any budget impact.

I hope these measures are helpful, please contact customer success and they will increase the limits for you as needed.

What else can we do?

I am committed to making sure we do whatever we can to support you, and therefore if I have missed something you think will make a difference, then email me matt@geckoengage.com and I will be happy to provide more support where I can.