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Additional support during Clearing for our clients

We understand the importance of clearing for your institution and the additional stress it places on you, your colleagues, and the sector as a whole.

For many of our clients, Gecko is playing an important role in the clearing process this year, and it’s with this in mind, that we wanted to let you know that we will have additional support staff on-hand when you need them.

Additionally we have been optimising our system in preparation for the potential increase in usage, and will increase our monitoring during this important time of year to ensure that any potential issues are proactively resolved.

In the event that you do require support, please first of all email support@geckoform.com as this will flow into our support system that all members of our team have access to, this will ensure the quickest possible response.

If your institution is using Gecko as part of the clearing process, please let us know so that we can ensure we monitor your Gecko instance more closely.

Good luck to everyone!
The Gecko Team